Battlegrounds Mobile India iOS release date leaked

Battlegrounds Mobile India iOS release date leaked

Krafton has been teasing the arrival of the Battlegrounds Mobile India game on iOS for a while now.


  • Battlegrounds Mobile India’s iOS version is likely coming on August 20.
  • Krafton is already teasing the launch of BGMI on the iPhone.
  • Battlegrounds Mobile India debuted on Android at the beginning of July.

Battlegrounds Mobile India iOS version is right now a part of the teasers that Krafton is pushing out every two or three days to build the hype. That is when the company has not shared a release date for the rollout of Battlegrounds Mobile India’s iPhone counterpart. A new report has claimed that Krafton will launch the Battlegrounds Mobile India iOS on August 20, i.e., after the current rewards collection period gets over.

Right now, Krafton is holding an event on its Battlegrounds Mobile India game to reward players for reaching 48 million, 49 million, and 50 million downloads on the Google Play Store. The first 48-million stage is already over, and now the company is projecting to get at least 50 million downloads within this month. According to Insidesport, that will happen on August 20 because that is when the iOS version will arrive.

The publication has cited sources familiar with the developments at Krafton for the release date information, but given its past, these leaks have been mixed. That is why I would suggest you take this information with a pinch of salt. Krafton, although teasing the launch of the iOS version, has not yet said anything about the launch date.

Battlegrounds Mobile India debuted in India officially at the beginning of July after around two weeks of giving early access to players on Android. This release was meant just for Android phones, and that did not go well with the iPhone users who were also looking forward to the release of Battlegrounds Mobile India. Krafton never said it has no plans for the iPhone, but it mentioned on the website that the game’s iOS counterpart is under development. Krafton said that the release of Battlegrounds Mobile India on the iPhone would follow an early access programme, much like what happened with Android.

If August 20 is indeed the date for the release of Battlegrounds Mobile India’s iOS version, Krafton is likely going to launch the early access version first. It will be later that the regular, widely accessible version of the game will be made available.

Android players can currently get new rewards as a part of the ongoing event. Krafton is expecting 50 million downloads but there are three stages for rewards collection. On reaching 48 million, Krafton promised a Supply Coupon Crate Scrap x3. With 49 million downloads, there will be a Classic Coupon Crate Scrap x3 reward. Finally, on reaching 50 million downloads, Krafton will reward a Permanent Galaxy Messenger Set x1. These rewards are also going to be available to iOS users.