Realme Book Slim teaser hints it will be lighter than Apple MacBook Pro

Realme Book Slim teaser hints it will be lighter than Apple MacBook Pro

Realme is going to introduce its first laptop in India next week and it is called the Realme Book Slim.


  • Realme Book Slim’s weight is going to be 1.38kg and it is lighter than the MacBook Pro.
  • The weight of the MacBook Pro is 1.40kg for the 13-inch version.
  • Realme Book Slim would also come with a 2K display.

Realme Book Slim is coming to India on August 18 alongside the Realme GT 5G and GT Master Edition smartphones. This will be the first time Realme is introducing its laptop and the model chosen for the Indian market is the company’s take on the MacBook Pro. The company has already confirmed that the Realme Book Slim is going to be affordable yet premium. Now, it has put out a teaser on Twitter that points out that the Realme Book Slim will be lighter than the Apple MacBook Pro.

Madhav Sheth, Realme India and Europe CEO, is sharing one too many teasers for the Realme Book Slim to build some hype around it. The latest one is kind of a comparison between the Realme Book Slim and the MacBook Pro on the basis of their weight, but also because Realme is touting its first and upcoming laptop as a high-end laptop. Sheth tweeted that the “lightweight design” of 1.38kg makes it “comfortable for the users to carry it anywhere.”

Realme’s upcoming laptop is going to be one of the lightest laptops on the market as and when it arrives later this month. And the fact that it will also be a bit lighter than the MacBook Pro 13-inch (1.40kg) is appreciable. However, Apple’s MacBook Air would still be lighter than the Realme Book at 1.29kg. But Realme is not talking about Apple’s lightest laptop here because the MacBook Air does not come with all the premium-end specifications that the MacBook Pro does. And that is why the comparison here is with the MacBook Pro, not the MacBook Air.

According to previous teasers, the Realme Book Slim is going to come with a 2K display. This means that the resolution of the display, which is going to be unusually taller than the displays on most laptops, will be 2160×1440 pixels. Not just the resolution, one of the teasers also confirmed that the display will be in a 3:2 aspect ratio, along with 100 per cent sRGB. Sheth also confirmed support for Realme smartphones on the Realme Book Slim through an optimised PC Connect app. This is similar to how Samsung’s phones can be accessed on Windows machines. This feature is going to be useful until Windows 11 arrives, which will make smartphone pairing a lot more convenient.

Realme has also confirmed the Realme Book Slim will come in a 16GB RAM and 512GB storage version, the weight of which is going to be a bit higher at 1.48kg. This means that the model with a 1.38kg weight is going to have less RAM and storage capacity. Some previous rumours said there would be an 8GB RAM version of the laptop. The rumours also said the Realme Book Slim would use up to an 11th Gen Intel Core processor, which is going to bring some competition into the laptop segment in India.

Realme is launching the Realme Book Slim on August 18 at an event slated to begin at 12.30 pm.