40 Small Business Ideas with lower investment in 2022

As said in a business point of view that money reflects money means as much you invest in your business you earn more. But there are a lot of businesses that can be most profitable without so much investment. here is the list of that business which can be more profitable for you.

List of Small Business Ideas with Lower investment

1)     If you have good networking, this is a good small business idea.

2)    Start an e-commerce business in India

3)    Start pharmacy business

4)    Start an online portal recommending insurance policies like

5)    Start office automation products like AK Enterprises

6)    Start social mobile messaging service like

7)    Start an affiliate marketing

8)    Develop software like Quick Heal antivirus. This is a good small business idea for those who are software developers and want to have their own business.

9)    Event Planning business

10)    Online marketplace for Car repairs like This is a unique business idea for those who want to set up their business in-vehicle repairs in a big way.

11)    you can start an awesome book store if you like reading books.

12)    Start a dance school or dance academy

13)    Make money in various ways as a photographer

14)    Start wireless products business-like

15)    You can start an export business.

16)    Develop educational board games like madratgames. It would be an ideal business idea for individuals who love games and want to make their career in such a sector.

17)    Start computer training institute

18)    Start a mosquito net business

19)    Start a courier business. This is a good business idea who likes want to spare few hours in a day, especially in the evening.

20)    Start a mutual fund broker. This would be an ideal business for those who love analyzing various mutual funds and recommend to customers apart from maintaining a customer mutual funds portfolio.

21)    Open a Kirana / grocery store

22)    Start any franchise business. This is a good small business idea for those who do not want to take risks in setting up any business but want professional help in setting up business in a particular segment.

23)    Create security solutions business like Zicom Security solutions

24)   you can start an advertising agency

25)    Sell vegetables online

26)    Selling honey online like under the mango tree

27)    Start a school book publishing company. If you want to make your business an educational line, it would be a good small business idea.

28)    Open a boutique for women’s wear

29)    Start a consulting business

30)    Sell your homemade products. If you are a housewife and good at preparing special sweets or special food products, this would be an ideal small business idea.

31)    Start your career as a freelancer and earn money online

32)    Set up your own internet café business. Best suitable for retired and college students who want to spend a few hours in a day.

33)    Start a corporate carpet cleaning business

34)    Set up an old age home. If you love and care for elders, it would be a good small business idea

35)    Set up a factory to start biscuits manufacturing or any other product manufacturing unit.

36)    Start a chit fund company

37)    Open a stockbroker firm

38)    Starting a supermarket and selling consumers regular consumption goods

39)   Starting an online plumbing service. This unique business idea is currently not available anywhere.

40) Sell beautiful curtains offline or online through a website. If you love creativity, this could one of the good small business ideas for you.